Examples WordPress Support Services

We specialize in the following WordPress support services:

WordPress support for themes and plugins

  • WordPress Theme update currently in use
  • WordPress Theme conversion from fixed to responsive
  • WordPress theme editing currently in use to another theme
  • Problems incompatible between WordPress and the various plugins installed
  • Database assistance

Migration issues

Do you have a website that you want to transfer to the WordPress platform?

Or a website of which you want to change hosting service?

We commit ourselves to follow you in this delicate phase, taking care to preserve your SEO.

  • Transfer a Website from one Hosting service to another
  • Update WordPress and plugins as a result of the migration
  • Migration from a Wndows server to a Linux server
  • Migration from to a personal Hosting

Security Assistance

Malware / Virus

Has your WordPress site been hacked?

Does it behave strangely?

Has it been included in Google’s blacklist¬†

We can restart your WordPress site and prevent future infections and in particular we offer the following services related to security.

  • Change the default database table name
  • Edit default URL page for WordPress login
  • Protection of brute force attacks for attempts to violate the site’s administration
  • Protection for malicious code through SQL injection
  • Administrator login protection via htaccess with username and password

Assistance for various issues

  • JavaScript conflicts and plugin incompatibility as a result of theme updates or WordPress
  • Loading problems due to incorrect “paths”. (frequent after migration – transfers)
    Errors of various kinds for 404 – 500 – 505. (not found, internal server error …)
  • Issues due to incorrect configuration htaccess files
  • Malfunctions due to PHP version update and incorrect server / hosting configurations
  • Visual malfunctions due to different structure of the new theme and errors in database changes and / or imports. (frequent for migrations – restoration)

Other related services

  • Installation / configuration of plugins
  • Optimization of image dimensions
  • Restyling of design
  • Adding functionality to a plugin
  • DNS configuration / change
  • Adding an SSL certificate
  • Localization of WordPress themes and plugins
  • Assistance to the WPML translation plugin for multilingual sites
  • Configuring WordPress for “multi-site” functionality

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